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  • 4 beds
  • 1 bath

2 Windsor Street Masterton

For Sale
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Renovation Project and Sub-divide!!

Bring your high viz and elbow crease to this one buyers as we've found a doozie of a project for you here on Windsor Street in Solway, Masterton. Built in the 1960's, this 4 bedroom weatherboard clad dwelling is.....well, the pictures will tell you the story! This is your classic what you see is what you get although we do recommend detailed inspections take place so you can budget accordingly for the improvements. Builders, Developers, DIY lovers, home buyers with skills and contacts in the trades, scoot on down and take a look. With a 1052sqm section there's plenty of scope and a location with a lot going on around it with regards to new housing and commercial development. Call Mark Childs now for a qualified straight up opinion on how you can really make this property work for you!

Set date of sale 2pm 30th June 2021 Buyer Enquiry Over $449,500



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